A Journey through One Thousand and One Dreams

Casa Noire is a Swedish hair care brand that draws inspiration from the dreamy tales of the Orient and the timeless and ancient traditions of The East. In a world where chemicals and synthetic ingredients unfortunately are all around us we have looked for inspiration from mother earth. Our products contains premium natural and nourishing ingredients that has been used in beauty remedies and medicine in ancient cultures for thousands of years and will strengthen and repair your hair.

Casa Noire's product lineup combines natural beauty remedies in easy to use daily care products. We are renowned for our undeniable craftsmanship put into our products which are made in Sweden with exclusive ecological and organic premium ingredients sourced from around the world that will inspire and transport you to the dreamy tales of Casa Noire. The undeniable quality of our products will be felt and experienced when you try our products for the first time. 

Casa Noire invites you to our world of tales filled with mystery, romance, opulence and nostalgia set in the vibrant and historic landscapes of the Orient. Our name, Casa Noire, translated means the Dark Palace; A place full of dreamy tales and luxurious opulence.

Join our fairy tale and step into the world of Casa Noire.


Environmental Responsibility

The importance of using organic and ecological premium grade ingredients in our products makes topics such as environmental responsibility and sustainability matter to us. We have a very strict work ethic when it comes to sourcing the materials for our products. Our whole organization follows guidelines to fulfill our goals of working with a sustainable and environmental friendly approach. When purchasing a Casa Noire product, you can be assured that we prioritize environmental responsibility and only work with materials that are sustainable and organic to help protect our planet.